Lisa DiClerico Studio provides restoration and conservation services for fine furniture and objects. We also offer specialty finishing services for furniture, objects and walls. We approach restoration responsibly, using techniques and materials that are traditional and reversible. Combining our understanding of history and design with fine craftsmanship, we allow objects to look their best with respect to their age and history. We take great care to preserve the integrity and value of the objects we treat. Our Long Island City studio is conveniently located and provides us with ample light and resources to produce work of the highest quality. We offer onsite collection maintenance, repairs and consultation in New York City, Connecticut and Westchester.

Our Broad Range of Services Include:

  • Restoration and Maintenance of Fine Surfaces including period lacquer, Japanning, fine painted finishes, plaster, earthenware and tortoiseshell
  • Precise Color Touch Up and color matching
  • Specialty Finishing including hand applied finishes for furniture, objects and walls
  • Gilding Restoration and Custom Gilding including traditional water gilding, mordant gilding and verre eglomise
  • French Polish restoration and custom finishing
  • Wood Restoration including repair of damaged elements, replacement of missing elements, veneer consolidation and patching, tightening of loose joinery and structural repairs 
  • Onsite Collection Maintenance and Consultation We schedule semi-annual visits to maintain our clients' collections and address small damages onsite. Seasonal changes in humidity and direct sunlight cause a multitude of finish and veneer issues which require treatment. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a wise investment which discourages future damage and allows a collection to look its absolute best.

Our work caters to institutions, design professionals and private collectors. Clientele includes architects, interior designers, fine antique dealers, auction houses, institutions and private individuals.






LIC Courier  / Restorative Artist Rebuilds the Past in Long Island City / June 2012

"The restorative artist repairs and conserves antique furnishings and fixtures, rejuvenating vestiges from the past to their original splendor." - ALEXA ALTMAN